EDB Statement: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ed Boyajian March 13, 2020


At EDB, the health and safety of our employees and the global community are our highest priorities. That is why, in light of the recent revelations shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) that describe the coronavirus (COVID-19) as a “pandemic,” we at EDB have decided to expand our remote working policy for our global staff and close our offices for the time being.

Please know that while everyone’s safety is of paramount importance to us, our promise to provide extraordinary service remains unchanged. We understand that you may be facing the same challenges as we are, and we are here, ready to help you as always. 

EDB has long been a global company with a highly talented and effective distributed workforce. Our staff is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art resources they need to work remotely, ensuring that our services to and communications with our customers and partners continue uninterrupted and are of the highest quality. Though remote, we remain engaged and present to you in order to deliver the continued excellence you’ve come to expect from our team. 


Why is this important now? 

Keeping people safe requires timely action. We will continue to closely monitor the situation around COVID-19 and will update you immediately as our policy changes. 

As we all work together through these challenging circumstances, please be assured of our unwavering commitment to you, and do not hesitate to contact us at Support@hrbbus.cn should you have any questions or concerns.


Ed Boyajian

President and CEO, EnterpriseDB


Ed Boyajian

Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EDB, drives the development and execution of EDB’s strategic vision and growth strategy in the database industry. Ed joined EDB in 2008 after six years at Red Hat, where he rose to Vice President and General Manager of North America. He played a central leadership role in the development of the modern business model for bringing open source to enterprises. Before that, he was Vice President of Red Hat's global OEM business, responsible for all partnerships, including the early Linux adoption by HP, IBM, and Dell.

As a 15-year veteran of the open source software movement, Ed is a seasoned enterprise software executive who emphasizes that EDB must be a technology-first business in order to lead the open source data management ecosystem. He is adamant that great technology above all else drives market leadership. Ed believes strongly in the importance of investing in partnerships across the open source and commercial software and hardware ecosystem. Ed served as a Captain in the U.S. Army and trained as an Airborne Ranger. Within EDB, he coaches and encourages each employee to hone leadership skills. Ed is known for his passion, relentless energy, and strategic leadership.

Ed earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Boston University.