Failover Manager

High Availability for
Business Continuity

Database downtime can cost your business significant revenue. While PostgreSQL is incredibly stable, database failures can still occur, due to underlying software, compute, or network issues. Failover Manager automatically identifies PostgreSQL database failures and switches the primary database to the most current standby.

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Why choose Failover Manager?

By itself, PostgreSQL does not identify a database failure or automatically switch traffic to
a standby database. Failover Manager gives you peace of mind by automatically detecting
primary database failures and promoting the most up-to-date standby database to take over.


Ensure business continuity

Monitor the health of your databases
and identify failures quickly


Minimize unplanned downtime

Switchover on demand to move the
primary database server role to a standby


Maintain high availability

Meet your organization’s SLAs by switching
over to the most recent standby and reconfiguring
other standbys to point to the new primary

How it works

Failover Manager continuously monitors your PostgreSQL service to automatically detect failures. After an outage is
confirmed, Failover Manager automatically promotes the most up-to-date standby database as the new primary.


Continuously monitors
system health

Detects failures and takes action to maintain SLAs. Sends email alerts based on events.


Automatically fails over to
the most current standby

Reconfigures other standbys to point to the new primary.


Reconfigures load
balancers on failover

Easily integrates with pgPool, F5 Networks, and other load balancers.


Avoids “split brain” scenarios

Prevents two nodes from thinking that each is the primary, minimizing data loss.

Failover Manager

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