EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB’s enhanced PostgreSQL database designed to meet the needs of the enterprise.


The leading relational open source database.

Open Source Projects


An open-source extension to PostgreSQL that spatially enables your database server.


A lightweight connection pooling utility for PostgreSQL and Advanced Server installations.


Robust query routing and connection pooling for PostgreSQL-based solutions.

Third Party JDBC Drivers

Download third party JDBC drivers including MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Modified GPL and Source Code Utilities

Access our list of 40+ modified PostgreSQL components' source code available to download.


Postgres Enterprise Manager

Manage large scale PostgreSQL deployments on-premises or in the cloud with this comprehensive PostgreSQL admin tool.

Backup and Recovery Tool

Safeguard critical business data and enable trouble-free disaster recovery.

Failover Manager

Maintains high availability by monitoring cluster health to detect node/database/network failure and automates the failover to a replica database.

Foreign Data Wrappers

Transparent data integration for PostgreSQL-based solutions. Eliminate data silos and gain a holistic view of your data.

Replication Server

Reliable, flexible replication from or to a single master or between multiple masters.

EDB Connectors

Integrate your application with EDB Postgres using an array of connectors, including JDBC, ODBC, .NET, and OCI.

Migration Toolkit

Fully-automated online tool for moving Oracle database schemas to the EDB Postgres Platform.